Quiz Guide

We Dare You to take the HossFit Quiz!

How much do you really know about yourself, diet, exercise, and other fitness capabilities? Take the HossFit quiz to measure your level of Fitness!

Getting HossFit can be doing anything that's physically active! (Biking, Running, Weight Lifting, Yoga, Fitness Boot Camp, Hiking, or just going for a power walk with your dog!). The key to being HossFit is consistency and dedication to those activities (lifestyle!). So how does a person measure their level of HossFit(ness)? It's easy! A person must first take the HossFit Quiz and it will properly place them on their level of HossFit(ness). Don't forget there are 4 levels of HossFit...

Level 1 (HossNewbie), Level 2 (HossedUP), Level 3 (HossStrong), and  Level 4 (HossElite).

Where do you stand on Fitness? are you a HossNewbie or HossStrong? Take the quiz and find out now!


(Takes less than 5 minutes to complete!)